Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Managed to get out of the house today, and back to the Mill Pond at Emsworth, which is now unfrozen, and the ducks and swans are swimming about "properly"... so as I was just passing, I did not have much time to spend enjoying the view, just enough time to get out the camera and take a couple of shots.... used the P setting and the previous settings I had on the Sunday. Not sure about the results !... but it is possible to see the difference the "warm" setting and +2 on contrast, saturation and sharpness and noise reduction make.... The new pictures, have the following as settings in the Picture adjust setting on the menu..... contrast -2, sharpness +1, saturation 0 and noise reduction -1

Having tried them out, I suppose I will have to go back again, and again, to see how different settings change things.

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