Friday, 23 October 2009

A minor problem?

I haven`t been using my FZ28 for the past 3 weeks, because it had to go back to the suppliers. It developed a "weird" fault... I was using it as normal, and suddenly the zoom returned back to nothing!... I tried to use the zoom lever to get back to what I was shooting, but it just kept returning to the "home" position!.. I then found out that none of the buttons on the back of the camera functioned !... Switched off, removed the memory card, re-inserted it, and everything seemed to be back to normal, carried on for a couple of days, and then it did it again!. This time it zoomed out to max zoom (including digital zoom) and would not return. ! Changed the battery and it came back to normal again, for an hour or so, then did it again, changed the battery back to original and it settled down... Having cleaned the card contacts, and changed the battery, the fault was so intermittent that it could not be pinned down to anything that I had, or was, doing. So, I contacted the suppliers, and they sent me a returns number.... They say it will be between 2 to 6 weeks before anything happens. !...

Meanwhile I have missed a couple of really good shots, that needed the 18X optical zoom on the FZ28 compared to my (now) reserve camera the Fuji S5600 which is only 10X optical zoom.

Oh well, I am glad I did not sell it after getting the FZ28 !... I may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, not having the FZ28, but at least I can shoot with the Fuji until it returns.

Went down to the sea front to watch the world go by, and met some starlings for lunch !... lucky I had my Fuji !... Also saw the sailing barge "Alice", which seemed to be practising raising and lowering the sails. Just for good measure, I also saw HMS Liverpool, entering harbour, whilst the regular Hovercraft service from Southsea Beach to the Isle of Wight came into view. ! All within 1 hour ! ! !...