Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bournemouth Air Show. (as seen from Christchurch ! ! !)

Was down at Christchurch quay, for a day visit, there were some classic cars on show on the green, and then overhead, flew the Lancaster bomber, taking part in the Bournemouth Air Show.2011... tragically, one of the Red Arrows pilots was killed, when his plane developed a fault after the main show on they were returning to the airfield... he crashed and was killed.

The following pics were taken with my FZ28, with the mpx reduced to 7mpx... giving me a zoom of 21.4 times, instead of 18 X... and with my 1.4 sigma lens screwed on, I now have a max zoom of 29.96 (almost 30 X ZOOOOM)..

Bournemouth is about 5 miles in a straight line along the coast from Christchurch, so I reckon that the pics I took today, were between 1 and 2 miles... the Bi-planes flew directly over my head, while on their way to the show, and I reckon the last pic he/she would have been about 500feet above me.

I am particularly pleased with the shot(s) of the "memorial flight"  REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE PIC TO ENLARGE IT...