Thursday, 22 January 2009

Teleconverter Lenses on FZ28

Last August, I decided I needed a camera with a bit more zoom. ! Did my research on the net, and decided that the Fuji S8000fd with 18X optical zoom, fitted my pocket, and my zoom requirements. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the expectations.... I thought it was rubbish!.. Despite my other camera being a Fuji S5600 with 10X zoom, and being at least 4 years older, I expected the technology to have improved, hence the choice of Fuji again.... To cut a long story short (email me for the long version ! !) I was enquiring on a non photographic forum, about the merits of teleconverter lenses... one of the replies, (a long time friend on the forum) had a set of Sigma lenses, that he would send me, and if I liked them or found a use, I could keep them, as he no longer needed them!... well, they didn`t fit the Fuji S5600, but I did try them to see what I could expect if I did buy a teleconverter lens instead of a new camera.... Not over impressed, as the improvement in zoom was only 1.4 X.... to obtain any real advantage, I needed at least 2 .0 X zoom. However, the opinions on the forum were against the lenses on ebay, as not of very good quality, and degraded the pictures. The alternative was expensive lenses from other suppliers. So I put the lenses on the shelf, and forgot about them... Having been disappointed with the lenses, and also the Fuji S8000fd, I again researched the net, and came up with the Panasonic Lumix FZ28 as 18X optical zoom. and although more expensive than the fuji, decided on the reviews, that it was worth the extra money..... and IT IS !!!. Recently, on the FZ28 group pages on flickr, questions were raised as to the suitablility of teleconverter lenses, which reminded me about the ones I had (that did not fit the Fuji).. Out of curiosity, more than anything els, I took them down, and was just going to hold it to the lens when I was amazed to find that they were the same size thread, and just screwed straight on !....even more surprise, that when the FZ28 lens was fully retracted, there was no need to remove the teleconverter, or wide angle lens. ! !
To see the lenses and how they fit on the FZ28, I have uploaded some pics of my camera taken with the Fuji S5600.... Initial tests show that there is a slight improvement in zooom capability, and the wide angle lens also works well.....The twist in this story is, the guy I got them from, is a supporter of the R.N.L.I. and so am I..... He did not want me to send him any money, for the lenses, but I insisted that I send him a cheque, made out to the R.N.L.I. so that he could see I had donated.... he agreed, and that makes three parties happy.... Him, as he found a home for his redundant lenses, Me, as I found a use for them, and also paid a very low price, and the R.N.L.I who benefitted from the exchange.

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