Sunday, 27 May 2012

Watercress Line ..... Dine In Style for Sunday Lunch

The Watercress Line, or Mid Hants Railway, is a preserved railway, from Alresford to Alton ( about 10 miles) in Hampshire, southern England.  It uses the old Southern Railway line from Alton to Winchester, which was closed by Dr. Beeching, as being uneconomical.... Now running scheduled steam services every weekend, with special events and visiting steam locomotives... On Sunday`s there is a First Class Dining experience for sunday lunch on the train... Other events are run on similar lines ( no pun intended ) for the evening dining car services and group bookings for special trains are also featured.
Here are some pics of my trip today.... ( but I did not partake of the sunday lunch, as I had to be elsewhere !).

And when the train gets to Alton...... The Locomotive has to "run around" to take it back to Alresford, "over the alps" again......Below is a short movie of the Locomotive "Lord Nelson" a typical Southern Railway Steam Loco, doing just that.......