Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas is coming.....

Every year, I go up into the loft, and bring down about 30 boxes of decorations !... My wife just loves to decorate the house, and collects "bits and pieces" as and when she sees them... we have a small bungalow, at present, but have lived on a narrowboat, and also had much larger houses too... No matter how big or small, the rooms get festooned with all manner of christmas decorations... We have a christmas tree, complete with lights, outside the house, we have another near the front door, one in the lounge, one in the bathroom, one in the second lounge, plus many other items, such as mechanical/musical father christmas` that sing a song, .... we have lots of "fairground ornaments" when activated, play christmas carols, and move the carousel horses up and down. Not content with that, she makes all the shelves up into christmas displays, and even the fireplace is not left out !.... This year we have the nativity scene surrounded by snow.

Here are a few photographs to give you an idea of how hard she works to make our christmas, "christmassy" ! !..


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A windy day at the seafront

Was blowing an onshore gale down at Southsea today, so much so, that the hovercraft service to the Isle of Wight was "temporarily suspended!"

Oh YES !.. The runner got a real good soaking, an even bigger wave crashed over the bin lorry as he was running by ! ! ! ...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

At Last... I have my FZ28 back again.

At last !... I received my camera back from the supplier.... "repaired and checked under warranty".... nothing else... no reason given for the fault, or what caused it... so I won`t know if I do it wrong again, until it happens !... oh well, I don`t think it was me anyway!..
Only taken a couple of pics of a squirrel eating nuts, and a short movie of another squirrel, who seems to like eating the bulbs he digs up !...

Now the big problem is learning how to use the zoom lever on the front, cos on the fuji, it is two push buttons on the back !...

As a matter of "technical" interest... I saw the culprit, then I went to front of house to get my camera. on the way back, I set it on movie mode, and zoomed up to the full 18X optical, then slowly moved the curtain aside, to shoot the movie through two panes of double glazing in the door !... so that is why it may look a little "flat" in the contrast department...

Actually , I think it is pretty good, considering the conditions, light wasn`t all that good as it was cloudy, and rain in the air, so quite a damp atmosphere too.