Friday, 26 November 2010

another Irfanview example

Once again... "improved" with Irfanview... FREE program... ask me for details and my free tutorial !..

Reduced Gamma to 90
increased contrast to 6
then cropped.
then saved.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Using Irfanview, to "improve" a pic

Two clicks and the difference is quite remarkable...

1st, move the "Gamma" slider to .60

2nd move the "contrast" slider to 6

click OK

then save....... job done.!.

I will delete this posting as soon as you say you have seen it....

Saturday, 6 November 2010

In Car Entertainment

This is my new "toy"... MP4 player, with camera, digi movi cam, FM radio, webcam, games, and loads of other stuff !... I bought it from "BT Shop"... especially to play my Helene Fischer videos!... (I do have others on there too! !)..when I am waiting for " `er indoors " to come out of the supermarket with a trolley load  !..

I do not drive the car, with this setup!... it is all tucked away, out of sight, when driving...

The speakers were bought seperately, and are powered by a small battery pack (4 x AAA)

The sound quality is really very good, as good as my external computer speakers, and as good as my "proper" earphones...  Certainly makes a change from the boring stuff on Radio 4..... !