Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Watercress Line .... or Mid Hants Preserved Railway.

Watercress Line..... or Mid Hants Railway.....

Either way, it is a super little preserved line, that runs from Alresford to Alton in Hampshire, southern England.....The line is known to the engine drivers and fireman as "over the alps", because it has some very steep gradients in the climb, therefore it needs BIG engines to haul the rake of coaches .... There are several BIG steam loco`s at the shed, and they usually take it in turn to steam on the weekends.... This last weekend saw the introduction to the fleet of an engine that has been re-built and refurbished, since it last steamed over 45 years ago.... the engine is a Stanier Black Five... general purpose loco, number 45379. Also on duty this weekend, was a Serbian built 0-6-0 tank engine, that had been bought and repainted in BR colours / logo , 30075, doing a shuttle service between Ropley, and Alresford, with an observation car in tow, while the "big boys" got on with providing passenger and goods services every half hour.... The other big boys on duty were 34007 Bullied Pacific "Wadebridge" ....  Number 88 on a visit from the Somerset and Dorset joint railway... .... 73096  BR standard Class 5 loco, and 92212 a Class 9F loco.....

There was so much going on, with engines being changed over, and the different services provided, that it was, without doubt, a very successful weekend for the staff..... Re-creating the whole atmosphere of how it used to be when I was a boy ..... way back in the 1950`s.....

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Exakta RTL 1000 35 mm film camera


The lens on the camera has this info around it....

ORESTON 1.8/50 MEYER-OPTIK GORLITZ 534617  f1.8 to f16 and 12" to 30` or .33 to 10 mtrs (infinity)

The small lens on the bottom right has this info around it

SOLIGOR 1:2.8    f =28mm        f2.8 to f16
No 17102225          0.45 to 10 mtrs   (infinity)
Made In Japan          2` to 30`

The tall lens on the left has this info around it

SOLIGOR 1:4.5  f = 200mm     f4.5 to f22
No1680190         3 mtr to 50 mtrs (infinity)
Made In Japan     10` to 200`   (infinity)

There is an original Handbook and an extra handbook for the Penta Prism that is attached to the top of the camera. Also there is a "Johnson`s photography handbook"  and a Exakta History (hardback) (the one at the bottom)  a spare prism lens (I think) and a flash connector for the hot shoe.
The camera, case, and strap, are in very good condition, being made of leather, All the glass in the lenses looks like new, no scratches or dust.... and they all fix on the camera with simplicity and ease... they all focus well, and the shutter system works without a fault.