Sunday, 26 February 2012

A1 Peppercorn "Tornado" at Alresford ( the movies)


Tornado preparing to depart.... Driver Stinchcombe with the token


Tornado Departing Alresford.... with lots of excess steam !


                                         Wadebridge Departing Alresford

                            Tornado Arriving at Alresford - Token exchange

                                              Tornado Departing Alresford

                                          Tornado Arriving Alresford - Along Platform

                          Tornado Departing Alresford - Wheelspin, Whistle. Passenger view




Tornado at Alresford, Mid Hants Railway "The Watercress Line"

Today, I went to Alresford station on the Mid Hants Railway, otherwise known as "The Watercress Line"... the big attraction was the visit of the A1 Steam Trust Locomotive, "Tornado".  This locomotive was built between 1994 and 2008 at a cost of Three Million Pounds, to fill the gap after all the previous class of A1 locos had been scrapped.... ( For More Information have a look at.... <  >

It turned out to be a very special occasion for me, as I have been train spotting ever since I could count, read numbers and write ! ! .. which is over half a century and counting ! ! !... I have seen the Tornado before, and was suitably impressed !... however, I was allowed to "cab" it this time..... (for those who don`t know.... "cabbing" an engine is every trainspotters dream, it means getting on the loco footplate, to see how it works )... after so long, my dream came true, with many thanks to Driver Nigel Stinchcombe, for allowing me the privelige.... "Thank You Nigel".

Here are some pics of the day... Including a "panorama" of the controls of Tornado.....

 (Click on the pics to enlarge them )

Tornado Controls

The Mouth of the Firebox
Tornado Driving Wheels

A motley crew !

Driver Nigel Stinchcombe attacking his butty !

Right Hand Name Plate