Wednesday, 27 April 2011

144 X ZoooooOOOOOOOm on the Panasonic FZ28

OK... sounds rediculous I know.... but I have this "thing" about getting as much zoooooom as I can from what I have available... today, we went to Farlington Marshes, and I spotted something moving about 300 feet (100 mtrs) away... so I made sure I had my 1.4 teleconverter lens fitted (see earlier postings about this).... and also reduced the MPX count on my FZ28, to make the maximum OPTICAL ZOOM read 25.7 on the sliding scale. I then found a convenient seat, and firmly rested (as best I could) my camera on the back of it, and zoomed in on the subject..... I then went the "whole hog", and added in the 4 X digital zoom ... doing the maths, it works like this.... 25.7 Optical Zoom multiply by 1.4 teleconverter lens gives 35.98 (call it 36 X OPTICAL ZOOM)... then add on 4 X DIGITAL ZOOM....(36 X 4 ) to give a massive 144 X ZOOOOM..... OK so it is a "bit" noisy, but it is not too bad considering the size of the sensor, and the fact that the 1.4 teleconverter lens is not actually made for the FZ28.... ( It is a Sigma VIDEO CAMERA accessory lens)...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Wagsy`s Lake pics

This is the ORIGINAL, as sent to me...  CLICK ON THE PIC TO ENLARGE IT

Here is my "improvement" using Irfanview.


Open Irfanview. Go to "Image" (top tool bar )  Drop down menu
 click on "Auto Adjust Colours"..... wait....then click on "Image"
Colour Corrections... opens a new window with two pics side by side...
Left side is original, Right side is the "adjusted" pic.
 move "Contrast" slider to + 10 ...... and "Gamma" slider to 0.65
And if you think it needs it.... Saturation to  + 50 click OK and
then Save... (save it in the original folder with A after the file name/number to show it is Adjusted., )

and there you go !... Let me know when you have seen it, and I will remove this from the blog .