Thursday, 15 May 2014

Problem Radio

This article has been re-named.... due to the fact that it has now been sold,.... the radio is no longer available. 

This FRG 8800 has problems... yet it does work !.  Here is a short video.....

Put your `phones on, or turn up your speakers...... the music you can hear faintly in the background is from a T.V across the room... ! 

The known problems are.... the push buttons on the top right corner for the clock are not in their correct positions... seem to have been misused . not sure if they work or not... never used them...

The channel selector switch runs from 1 - 4 then goes 1-4 again then 9 thru to 12. Again, never used the memory channels so not a problem for me.

It did have the "flashing dial" syndrome.... however, an attempt has been made to rectify this, by retuning one of the cans on the PLL board, and also the addition of a resistor and capacitor as the "official" mod by Yaesu... This has not been 100% successful.... and it still does flash intermittently... Recently I have been running a soak test on it... and the following is a record of behaviour.

19:30   switched on

23:59  switched off........... NO flashing... 100% solid for 4.5 hours

13:00 switched on
13:45  flashed for about 20 seconds..... then went stable again
1348   flashed for about 20 seconds..... then went stable again
14:00  flashing for about 1 minute ..... then went stable again
14:01  stable
16:00 swithced off    total 3 hours with only a short period of instability.... 2 hours stable.

Wednesday evening. ( same day ).
 19:30 switched on

23:30 switched off    total 4 hours stable.... ( total for the day 7.5 hours  with only a few minutes of instability)

20:30  switched on
21:00 flashed for 20 seconds

23:30 switched off.

Stable ( apart from 20 seconds ) for 3 hours...

There does seem to be a volume problem, where it will suddenly reduce with a click, and then come back again with a click.... but this is not associated with the flashing display... it can happen any time....

The main Power Supply Unit has had a replacement electrolytic capacitor installed for testing purposes, but this did not make any difference to the flashing display..( the original was re-installed ). Also the two Power Transistors on the chassis near the PSU have been replaced....  Again, this has made no difference to the flashing display. ( the new ones remain in place ).

There is a switch on the rear for 12v. operation, however, this mod has not been installed, and does not work on 12v.

A copy CD of the manual will be included in the sale......

As this is being advertised as Faulty but Working... there will be NO RETURNS.. it is "sold as seen and described".