Friday, 23 April 2010

How to use the Neck Strap as a "Hand Grip"

How I use the neck strap as a "hand grip"......

. I shall try to describe how....

thick part of neck strap behind wrist (where wrist watch goes)
left hand ... hold small finger and thumb as far apart as possible. Like winding wool !
Hold camera in right hand across body, and keep strap taught.
lower left hand and close, collecting both sides of strap into one
twist hand so that straps go over left thumb.
open hand flat, twist to palm facing your body, take strap across hand
twist hand, so that strap now comes behind fingers,
Camera is now (or very near) to left hand for holding.....

You can shorten the straps to make it happen as one final move, but you may also find that you can take the right hand end of strap under the base of the camera, to make a tight fit, into hand hold....

Sounds a bit tricky, but with a few practice tries, it is quite easy to do, and becomes second nature... can carry my camera like this for a fair while, and it is always ready for the "instant" action shot..!...

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