Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A day out with Thomas the Tank & Friends !

It happens ! !...

Thomas the Tank engine, and friends, visited the local preserved steam railway ( The Watercress Line) so, of course, Great Granpa, and Great Gran`ma, had to take the Great Grand Daughter to have a day on the trains.. ! The weather was fine, thankfully,

it wasn`t raining,

and the sun wasn`t
beating down, and making life uncomfortable...

The trains ran on time, as always..

both on this line, and on the famous Thomas the tank engine lines.. Why? because the "fat controller" was there to make sure they did.. It was a great day out Diesel was there, Gordon was there, and Percy, and even Daisy the railcar got a trip out too!...

The pictures can tell the story.....


  1. What a happy granddaughter you must have! :)

  2. She sure loves Thomas and his friends !... and I love steam engines too !