Friday, 30 November 2018

CWCOM a FREE program to use morse over the internet

CWCOM was written by an Australian Radio Ham, for Windows 95, However, it is still in use today, and can also be used on LINUX and MAC machines.  The original author has discontinued his support for his original website, and I have taken 2.up the challenge, to keep it alive, by writing a Blogsite covering just about all aspects of downloading, installing, and using the program.

CWCOM is an excellent tool for new users, and for experts, in the fine art of communicating using morse code. Because of the way the program works, it does need some initial "tweeking" to get the best experience, however, all those "tweeks" are listed with step by step instructions on my blog.  So . you have no excuse !... For new users, the program is somewhat "unforgiving", inasmuch as it will not allow you to make mistakes easily.... the mistakes WILL appear on screen, e.g. if you do not send a letter correctly, such as, O ---   but send it as -- - , then it will appear on screen as MT.. so, it encourages new users to be more careful and precise in how they form the letters with their key. It is a good trainer ! ! .. much better than getting your knuckles rapped ! ! ! ..

For experienced users, it can accomodate speeds up to 50 wpm... although I have never managed more than 24 wpm on any of my straight keys !...

Points to note about CWCOM..

1.  It is FREE   -   Free to use.... Free to download...   Free to install  (download info on the blog)

2. There are lots of things you DON`T NEED ! !

A licence, or

A rig  ( although a computer/laptop is required! ) or

An Antenna, or

To be a Radio Ham , or

A callsign ( you can make one up, or use your name if you are not a radio ham)

 To be a super speed sender...... all skill levels are welcome...

There are some things you DO NEED !

1. to be really interested in using Morse Code  ( CW is a mode, { like RTTY or SSTV or PSK } not a language !)  to communicate with like-minded people around the world

2.  to be able to make some conversation, longer than a CQ call, followed by a 599 report and 73`s.
( all qso`s are 599 on the internet, so what is the point of reporting that  ? ?  ! ! ! )

You can use the keyboard to type your messages,  however, it is best to use the Down Arrow key, or a Mouse, if you have not got a Morse Key....

You can attach either a Straight Key, or a Paddle key, to your computer,  ( see relevant page on the blogsite)

There is NO.......
  "Log in"
  " Speed limit ! "

I am not a radio ham....  but have had an interest in radio since age 8,  when my father got me a IVALEK crystal set, and eventually, I joined the Royal Navy, as a Wireless Telegraphist in 1960 until 1972, I last used MORSE live on air in 1968 , until I found CWCOM.... I have been using CWCOM for the past 5 years, and monitor the default channel 1000 from about 14:00 G.M.T,  until about  22:00 G.M.T. DAILY..  So you can almost always find me (G3MS) on there to chat to or to ask questions if you have a problem.
Looking forward to having a nice long "ragchew" with you...
73 for now
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  2. Gerry, a brilliant piece of work and sounds much better than I would have thought. And I must say that was one of the nicest bit of handkey morse sending that I have heard (I go back a long way to 1948) Maurie ZL!FK

  3. Thank you, for the compliment Maurie.. much appreciated . Look forward to another qso sometime ? 73