Sunday, 22 February 2009

February 22nd 2009

A Day Out at the Railway.

Yesterday, it was a nice bright and sunny day, so we went out in the car to view the local snowdrops, and to visit a local Preserved Steam Railway....

We have been there several times before, and the snowdrops are located in a small village, about halfway along the route to the town of Alresford, in Hampshire, U.K., which is one end of the line, for the Watercress Line, Steam Railway.

Having grown up with steam locomotives, passing by my house as a kid, I have an interest in the preserved railways of today. The Watercress Line, was part of the Southern Railway, which was taken over by British Railways, but was always known as "the southern railway".... It ran from London to all points south and west, from Brighton, to Bournemouth.... The current railway is run by volunteers, and is very true to the traditions of the early southern railway, with uniforms, and rolling stock to match...

Yesterday, was a special day for me, as the steam engine running the service that day was one of my favourite designs, and gave the impression of being the "rolls royce" of steam locomotive for express passenger use.

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